Cake Care

Once your cake leaves The Conche Chocolate and Cake Studio, we are no longer responsible for any damages that may occur, during transportation or at your home. If you have any questions about the care of your cake, please contact us.

Below are some basic guidelines.

Carry your cake safely
  1. Place both hands under the bottom of your cake box  so that the weight of the cake evenly spreads, while you carry it.
  2. Cake boxes are not very strong; please be careful not to squeeze the sides into your cake.
  3. Be sure there is no object around the cake which has the chances of falling over on the cake box and damaging it. Go DIRECTLY to your cake's final destination. Your decorations are made, with creamed butter! Every little bump, every small curve, every stop and go affects the solidity of your cake. Warm buttercream can melt, especially if it is slowly decorated or has compact buttercream designs. Make sure that you directly take it home.
Drive safe with your cakes
  1. Place cakes on a flat surface in your car: flat space is best NOT ON PASSENGER SEAT which may cause the cake to be damaged.
  2. Secure the cake/ cake box so it does not slide.
  3. Drive careful. Every curve, slope or bump can crack the buttercream or let decorations move or fall off.